21 4 / 2014


One down 6 to go. Donno how many I will skat in, but hell YES.

All the derbs.

Does 9 games in 23 days sound more or less impressive? Because… yeah, that’s happening too. Whee. 

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03 9 / 2013

"If everyone had the luxury to pursue a life of exactly what they love, we would all be ranked as visionary and brilliant. … If you got to spend every day of your life doing what you love, you can’t help but be the best in the world at that. And you get to smile every day for doing so. And you’ll be working at it almost to the exclusion of personal hygiene, and your friends are knocking on your door, saying, “Don’t you need a vacation?!,” and you don’t even know what the word “vacation” means because what you’re doing is what you want to do and a vacation from that is anything but a vacation — that’s the state of mind of somebody who’s doing what others might call visionary and brilliant."

01 8 / 2013

"Since, according to me, your life is going to be a gradual process of becoming kinder and more loving: Hurry up. Speed it along. Start right now. There’s a confusion in each of us, a sickness, really: selfishness. But there’s also a cure. So be a good and proactive and even somewhat desperate patient on your own behalf – seek out the most efficacious anti-selfishness medicines, energetically, for the rest of your life."

23 7 / 2013

"You go to practice because there’s no one waiting for you at home. Or maybe you go to practice because someone is waiting for you at home. You go to practice because what the hell did you do with all your free time before you went to practice? You go to practice because you feel like hitting someone. You go to practice because you feel like being hit. No one asked you to do anything else so you go. Someone asked you do something you’d rather do, but still you go to practice. You go to practice because you’re hungry to practice. You go to practice because you’re never going to be any younger than you are right now. Because your body isn’t broken yet or because it isn’t broken anymore. You go because it’s hard to imagine life before there was going to practice. You go to practice because you want to feel like you’re flying. Over and over again. You go to practice, you go to practice. Because that’s what you do.”

24 6 / 2013

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."

Maya Angelou (via swissmiss)

07 6 / 2013

  • Compression socks
  • The metal plate in my leg
  • Fancy tea
  • Being alive & stuff

28 5 / 2013

Rainbows and waterfalls. (at Rock Island State Park)

Rainbows and waterfalls. (at Rock Island State Park)

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21 2 / 2013

"You must stop trying to teach people lessons—about themselves, about their sloppy work, about anything. You were not placed on earth to enlighten the masses."